Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks

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If your project requires more fuel than a generator can hold, we supply scalable fuel tank options that keep you up and running. We provide you with industry-leading products that meet and exceed all technical and regulatory expectations.

Remote Fuel Monitoring Service

With our smart fuel monitoring services, your fuel tank will actually let you know when it is getting low! Online data management provides insight into fuel use, alarms, and location.

Our fuelling coordination services include fuel management, ordering, and delivery.

Fuel Pumps and Meters

We supply both 120V and 12V fuel pumps that allow you to safely and efficiently keep your generators running. Depending on your requirements, we'll recommend a pump that's right for your needs.

Environmental and Safety Compliant

All of the fuel tanks we offer are environmentally compliant and CSA certified. That being said, if you're storing fuel you may need to contact local authorities to get explicit permission to do so. Our team is well-versed in local legislation and can advise on how to best meet these stringent requirements.

For more information, contact inquiries@patcher.ca.

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