The Patcher Advantage

The Patcher Advantage

Know Sooner. Respond Faster. Work Smarter. Smile More.

Our slogan really says it all. We're passionate about temporary power; providing top quality customer service and real-time intelligence. We really enjoy what we do!

A Customized Solution for Every Project

Since 2007, we've been finding unique solutions to our clients' unique requirements. Our approach to power starts with an intimate understanding of each client's individual needs and allows us to deliver a reliable, tailored solution with each application. We start by understanding what you're doing and what you need, recommending equipment that's appropriately sized to your project.

Chances are that our team has dealt with similar requirements before, but if you'd like to test our problem-solving skills, reach out to us at

We love a challenge!

Alberta-Proof Products

Rain or shine, day or night, hot or cold, our products are built to withstand everything Alberta can throw at them. Whether you're working in the dark on a cold winter night or putting on a concert in the pouring rain, we've got an Alberta-proof solution for you.


Nothing is more important to us that the safety of our clients. Our equipment comes standard with industry leading safety features & protection devices.

For more information about our safety training, please contact